Under Cabinet Wine Glasses Rack Kit - With Polishing Cloth | Wall Mounted Storage Organizer for Up to 18 Stemmed Glasses | Chromed Iron Stemware Holder with Drying Bar

Under Cabinet Wine Glasses Rack Kit - With Polishing Cloth | Wall Mounted Storage Organizer for Up to 18 Stemmed Glasses | Chromed Iron Stemware Holder with Drying Bar

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Space should not be standing in the way of your passion for wine. A simple, effective & stylish storage solution is this Incredible Wine Glass Rack! Let us tell you a bit about this under cabinet bar organizer! You'll soon realize why you need this stemmed glass holder.


For Mixologist World, wine is a way of living and everything even remotely related to wine is taken very seriously. Before this Wine Glass Rack reaches you, know that various steps have been completed! After closely studying our competition, after understanding all problems, we invested time & effort in the making of this under cabinet bar organizer! Meet your new IMPROVED, ENHANCED version of the wine glass rack, better than anything else you will find on the market!


Why bother looking for hardware pieces to get the wine rack finally installed when you can SIMPLY invest in this under cabinet organizer and find EVERYTHING you need in one pack? Instructions, screws and anchors, even your very own microfiber Polishing Cloth, completely machine washable, easily removing stains, ALL in just one PACK!


While other wine glass racks stopped at 6 or 12 glasses, this Hanging Wine Glass Rack can hold no less than 18 stemmed glasses, of various designs on 6 DIFFERENT ROWS! Don’t worry about the load! This Cabinet Wine Glass Rack is made of CHROMED IRON, so it CAN handle the load! And yes, we like to go big and to go home, in any home! This under cabinet storage solution measures 2.5"(W) x 10.25"(D) x 1.5"(H), fitting in most households! Easy mounting, complete installation kit, with Instructions, a BONUS soft & smooth Polishing Cloth, exquisite, modern design, high storage capacity, great quality, this is the Mixologist World wine glass rack and it is waiting for YOU!

  • •COMPLETE WINE GLASS RACK KIT: Unlike our competition, WE OFFER YOU EVERYTHING you need to start enjoying this incredible Wine Rack! That is why, apart from this under the cabinet wall mounted Wine Glass Rack, you get all the installation hardware pieces and EXACT instructions on how to use them! Make the best of your space and time! The TRUE Wine Experience start with this bar organizer!
  • •EASY & SOLID WINE GLASS RACK MOUNTING: Forget all about complicated wine glass rack installations or unsafe under cabinet storage solutions, leading to shattered glasses! FINALLY, you can enjoy a SAFE, SOLID, STYLISH, SPACE-SAVING CHROME IRON6 row solution, ready to hold no less than 18 STEMWARE PIECES! Follow the 6 STEP instructions and you’re ALL DONE!
  • •THE WINE GLASS RACK MADE ESPECIALLY FOR YOU: After understanding the needs of our clients, we started looking at our competition. We decided to INVEST TIME & Effort into designing a perfectly adaptable wine glass rack system that would answer ALL YOUR space & design needs. Simplicity, practicality, QUALITY, all come together and create the ULTIMATE Hanging Wine Glass Rack, ideal for ALL HOMES!
  • •VERSATILITY & ELEGANCE: This Cabinet Wine Glass Rack is the IDEAL entertaining partner, holding a VARIETY of Stemmed Glasses! Plus, coming with its own Microfiber, machine washable Polishing Cloth, this bar stemware holder will always be bright & SHINY. Modern design, perfectly finished, durability, versatility, a SOLID & EASY mount, all become ONE, this EXQUISITE Wine Glass Rack!
  • •INVEST IN YOUR WINE PASSION: ORDER your very own Wine Glass Rack NOW and entertain your guests like a PRO! With our 5 YEAR WARRANTY & a NO QUESTIONS ASKED policy, nothing can go wrong! Feel free to relax, enjoy your friends and this fabulous Under Cabinet Wine Glass Rack! After all, 18 glasses carry 18 different stories! Trust in Mixologist World, a wine loving, quality dedicated brand!